Danne Montague-King

Danne Montague-King


Danne Montague-King 

These treatments are for people who are serious about skincare and even more serious about results.

The advanced formulas achieve results that are nothing short of miraculous. If you have concerns about ageing, acne, pigmentation, rosacea, excess hair growth or scarring, this is the treatment for you.

At the beginning of 2012 Ruth-Ellen set her minds eye on finding an advanced skin care product that could transform peoples skin forever. The beauty company management team set to work, searching through every brand imaginable.. And then they found Danne!!! A pharmaceutical brand created inAmerica, promising to deliver astonishing results, whether it be transforming a client skin who is suffering from acne rosacea, a client suffering pustular acne, or even a client suffering from scarring; these products promised to rewrite the past and transform the sufferers future. 

We invited the all Irelandtrainer to the salon to do a demonstration and we weren't disappointed. From treatment one the difference was remarkable and we knew at that moment Danne was what we had spent months searching for.

Securing exclusivity in theBelfast area meant the company provided the therapists with intensive training promising success of the brand, the salon but most importantly every client who has a  Danne treatment. 

We all have our 'body hang-ups' and it would be safe to say all of us would change something about our skin. Well, never fear, the phenomenon of Danne has arrived at The Beauty Company….

After 40 years of research, Dr Danne Montague-King has revolutionised skin care as we know it. 

This genius of skin-care has recognised the power of enzymes, and how they work to hydrate and tighten the skin (yes please!).

Danne treatments are suitable and tailored to meet each client’s individual needs - whether they suffer from severe acne which has resulted in scarring or are concerned with ageing; this really is the answer to your prayers.

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used in the production of each product, meaning that they are all above typical cosmetic standard - for maximum effects.

Danne products have been designed in conjunction with the most advanced botanical scientists and cosmetic chemists in the world. They understand that we can achieve miraculous results by using skin care products which are designed to mimic the skins natural secretions, allowing them to be recognised by the skin as an alike product.

As the exclusive Danne clinic inNorthern Ireland, we have already been inundated with clients, both new and old, from all overIrelandwho want the best, non-invasive facial treatment on the market – and this is it. Well, if it’s good enough for Her Majesty (who is reportedly a fan of the treatments and products), it’s certainly good enough for us…

I sign off with a quote from Dr Danne himself….'It has been my life-long quest to create techniques and products to maintain a youthful appearance in both men and women'.

Before commencing with any treatment programme, a consutation to include patch testing must be carried out.

Consultation (30mins) £15

Cost redeemable against first treatment or course of treatments.

First treatment Exoderma Peel - £60.00

Quick Peel (For Sensitive Skin) - £80.00

Course of 10 £700.00

Pro Alpha Peel (For Dehydrated, Congested or Aging Skin) - £100.00

Course of 10 £900.00

Prozyme Peel (For Thick, Acnified Skin) - £120.00

Course of 10 £1000.00

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