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Akademikliniken’s plastic surgeons have many years of medical experience as surgeons as well as a thorough understanding of the structure and physiology of the skin and how skin ages. 

In order to bring the latest developments to Sweden and to their patients, we at Akademikliniken decided to launch our own brand and began a long intensive research and development process in cosmeceutical skin care.

The product series is the result of more than 3 years of research and development by a highly qualified team of experts including leading biochemists, international cosmetic experts, Surgeons, Dermatologist and Skin Therapists – all closely tied to Akademikliniken.

AK Facial Peel - £60

The Akademikliniken (AK) peel is a luxurious AHA ( alpha hydroxy acid) treatment scientifically designed to improve quality, tone and texture of the skin. The peel consists of a mixture of AHA's but primarily Glycolic Acid (21%) and when used regularly you will notice a visible improvement of fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and acne breakouts. The AK peel effectively exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, freshening and brightening the skin, improving lustre and clarity. A must for most! Especially good pre wedding.

Effectively treats the following skin concerns;

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Pigmentation Disorders

Premature Aging

A relaxing and effective treatment to deeply exfoliate and smooth skin. Excellent for skin prone to break outs, congestion or scarring. Treatment includesa full back cleanse, extraction and scalp and back massage.

Course of 5 £240


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