Our Waxing Treatments  

The Beauty Company uses the very best of cream waxes which are ultra-gentle on the skin, giving a more comfortable and smooth result. Regular waxing lightens and slows hair growth. Perron Rigot Hot Wax is used for all our 'advanced' waxing to ensure gentle and comfortable waxing for delicate areas.

Facial Waxing Treatments:

Eyebrow: £9.00

Upper Lip: £7.00

Chin Area: £7.00

Chin & Lip: £11.00

HD Brows: £30.00

Body Waxing Treatments:

Under Arm: £13.00

Arms: £15.00

Abdomen: £8.00

Bikini & Abdoment: £15.50

High Leg Bikini Line: £16.00

Baby-brazilian: £19.00

Brazilian: £27.00

Calfornian: £33.00

Hollywood: £42.00


Leg Waxing Treatments:

Half Leg: £18.00

Three Quarter Leg: £22.00

Full Leg: £29.00 

Full Leg and Bikini: £40.00

Male Waxing Treatments:

Back: £29.00

Back & Shoulder: £33.00

Chest: £29.00

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