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Logan Fertility and Logan Abdominal Massage Testimonials  

Testimonial 1

After having had all the various tests carried out re my fertility I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome in 2011 and after trying both clomid and Gonal F injections was unsuccessful in becoming pregnant.

A friend recommended that I tired Maya massage so I thought why not I would give it a go.  My consultant put prescribed me medication for (PCOS) which I began mid Dec 2011 to help regulate my cycle as it had been very irregular for some time.

I contacted The Beauty Company and made my first appointment with Ruth Ellen for April 2012.  Along with my medication and my monthly maya session my cycles went from 60 days to 40 days to every 34 days which i found amazing they were lighter & not as painful. I had sessions monthly with either Ruth Ellen and found her to be equally excellent in her specialist field, being professional, friendly and showing a genuine sensitive manner towards such an important journey many ladies have to take on the road to motherhood.  At the start of Nov I found out that I was pregnant conceiving naturally this great news came as a huge and wonderful shock.

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in July of this year.  Becoming a mummy has been the most utterly amazing experience that i Will cherish always.  So ladies I would so recommend that you give Ladies in The Beauty Company a buzz as the Maya massage for me was definitely money so so well spent.

Thank you again ladies for helping me on this wonderful journey.

Testimonial 2

"I am now 18 weeks pregnant and all is going well"

My journey through infertility started four years ago. My husband and I tied the knot in 2005 and we were both excited at the prospect of starting a family as soon as possible. It never really crossed my mind prior to getting married that I would have difficulty conceiving. Life had gone so smoothly up until that point and having children was a natural progression for us. Eighteen months past and I began to get progressively more worried.

In 2007 we both decided to seek medical advice. I arranged a private appointment with a local gynaecologist and subsequently underwent numerous investigations including blood tests and an investigative laporoscopy. Following the laporoscopy I was found to have multiple abdominal adhesions. This was the result of a ruptured appendix when I was 18 months old. The adhesions had affected my fallopian tubes and both ovaries. We were told by the gynaecologist that I was highly unlikely to conceive naturally. He recommended that we consider IVF. This was a very difficult time for both of us and it took some time to get our heads around. The concept of IVF was at first quite daunting but my husband and I both wanted a family so badly that we felt it was worth giving it a try.

A further two years past and having gone through three cycles of IVF and further abdominal surgery in an attempt to rectify the abdominal adhesions, as well as regular acupuncuture I still had not conceived. The emotional, physical and financial strain was starting to take its toll on both of us and I was getting to the stage where I was considering giving it all up. My husband thankfully still had threads of optimism left in him and believed that some day it would happen but I knew at times to look at him that he was starting to question whether it was all worth it. I was searching for something that would help to make me feel as positive and strong as I had been when I had first started my infertility treatment. I was worried as I knew that the more negative I was about IVF the less likely it would be successful, yet after so many failed attempts I couldn’t help but feel defeated.

I heard about Maya massage through a good friend of mine who was also experiencing difficulty conceiving. She had found that it had given her a different outlook on infertility and on life in general. I read up on what Maya massage was all about before meeting my therapist Ruth Ellen. I liked the idea that Maya applied a holistic approach to the treatment of infertility. From a biological perspective I felt it would be particularly helpful for me as the cause of my infertility was due to adhesions. Maya is described as applying ‘the external non invasive manipulation that repositions organs that have shifted’, one of the causes being due to abdominal adhesions. I felt that this treatment could therefore be really effective in my case. Maya also facilitates emotional and spiritual healing, an area that I felt badly needed to be addressed.

My first consultation with Ruth Ellen took approximately two and a half hours and was very comprehensive. I was particularly impressed by her knowledge of infertility and IVF treatment. I am trained as a medical doctor, and having gone through IVF three times, I thought I knew most things there was to know about the treatment. Ruth Ellen proved me wrong. She was able to tell me things about IVF that I was totally unaware off.

The first consultation covered not only my infertility history but also targeted other areas of my life that may be having an effect on my physical and emotional health and well being. I felt that Ruth Ellen had all the time in the world for me. At the end of this first session I felt that a massive weight had already been lifted off my shoulders. Ruth Ellen touched on things that I had never really spoken about before, in relation to my infertility. I really felt she truly understood exactly how I was feeling.

My husband and I decided to embark on a fourth cycle of IVF in January 2010. I decided to continue seeing Ruth Ellen during this treatment cycle and felt a sense a reassurance that I was trying something completely different with someone who I had quickly developed a lot of faith and trust in. I knew at the outset of this treatment cycle that there were no guarantees that I would definitely get pregnant however I was positive that I would have better coping mechanisms to deal with whatever was to come my way.

Going through IVF in conjunction with Maya massage made the experience a completely different one than in the previous three cycles. On previous occasions I had always tried to suppress my feelings of fear, of failure and of pure desperation to have a baby from family and friends. Looking back, I invested a lot of my time putting on a front and pretending that having infertility problems was not such a big thing, which in itself was exhausting. I was terrified that I would be perceived as weak or self pitying if people knew how I really felt. I have a wonderful family and circle of friends who were so supportive to both of us, however I knew that it was also quite difficult for them and three years on there wasn’t a lot more that people could say that hadn’t been said before.

I began to look at my sessions with Ruth Ellen as periods of time when I could really let go of all of my insecurities and fears around infertility. I felt I was free to say exactly what I wanted and as a result I never held back. I never once felt stupid or in any way inadequate by talking about how I was feeling. For me this was a major breakthrough in my emotional and psychological struggle with infertility.

An average Maya massage session for me would usually start with a discussion on what had happened in my life from the previous session. This was followed by a gentle abdominal massage using warm castor oil. I found this so relaxing and at the same time reassuring as I knew it was of therapeutic benefit. This was then usually followed by a neck and shoulder massage as I was found to have a lot of tension in these areas. At this stage of the treatment I was so relaxed that I felt at times I was floating. I found this state of relaxation a very safe place to be emotionally as it enabled me to start talking quite freely about how I was feeling.

Ruth Ellen was quite skilfull in applying some of the basic principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, a form of psychological intervention, that was quite specific to the thoughts, emotions and behaviours associated with infertility. She does not claim to deliver formal psychotherapy treatment to her clients but uses certain aspects of CBT to help her clients make sense of what is going on. I again was incredibly impressed by her knowledge, skill and sensitivity in this area. I work as a psychiatrist and am therefore very familiar in dealing with people’s emotional and psychological difficulties. During my own emotional struggle with infertility I had considered the possibility of having some psychological support to help me through this difficult time but was sceptical as to how beneficial this would be given that my difficulties were as a direct result of not being able to have my own child. This holistic approach to my infertility and its associated emotional and psychological difficulties was just what I needed.

As the treatments progressed and I was nearing the date of my egg retrieval, the treatments were adjusted accordingly. For example, the abdominal massage was stopped during my stimulation period and Ruth Ellen made me focus more on positive thinking and relaxation techniques to help reduce my anxiety. Massage was at times replaced by Reiki or reflexology so again I was always in a state of relaxation before embarking on some of the cognitive techniques that she applied.

The most difficult period for me during all my IVF treatments was the dreaded two week wait, the time between implantation and the pregnancy test. Ruth Ellen stayed in regular contact with me over my retrieval and transfer period and during these two weeks, which I found really supportive. I distinctly remember two days before I was due to carry out my pregnancy test I went to see her. I was taking quite a lot of medication at the time and my emotions were understandably all over the place. I was convinced on that day that the treatment had not worked. I remember going into the treatment room and completely breaking down. I told Ruth Ellen that this was going to be failure number four. With Ruth Ellen’s advice and reassurance I eventually calmed down and became more rational about the situation. I realised that there was absolutely no evidence at that time that I wasn’t pregnant. I left the treatment room two hours later and honestly felt like a completely different person. That night I started experiencing symptoms that I had never experienced before. Two days later I found out I was pregnant.

I am now 18 weeks pregnant and all is going well. I still wake up every morning and have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming and that being pregnant is indeed a reality. I continue to see Ruth Ellen on a monthly basis for mainly Reiki, reflexology and for ongoing reassurance around any pregnancy issues. I can honestly say that I would not have gone through a fourth cycle of IVF in such a positive frame of mind but for Ruth Ellen and the Maya massage treatments I received. I have been frequently told that if you think positively about IVF and infertility that you are more likely to be successful. I believe that my experience is proof of this. Maya massage changed my way of looking at not only my infertility problems but also myself as a person. For this I am truly grateful.

Testimonial 3

It’s a Friday morning at work and my overdue period has come. I’m not pregnant. The hope of having a baby fades and the fear of being childless grows and I am left with this huge hole in my head which becomes filled with irrational thoughts (Why me? I’m 32 years old, it took my friend 8 years to become pregnant, and this is never going to happen for us). All I want to do is cry, but I hold back the tears, smile and return to my work without anyone realising I am screaming inside.

My husband and I were with each other 8 years, so when we got married we hoped to start our family as soon as possible. From a teenager my menstrual cycle was always very irregular, and on reflection I always had a feeling I may have problems conceiving. After several months of trying to conceive I decided to seek medical advice. My GP was very understanding and referred me to the gynaecologist for further investigations. A few months past and I had an ultrasound scan, and blood tests which indicated I had polycystic ovaries (PCOS). 

Running back and forth to hospital appointments, undergoing investigations and being informed of my diagnosis was stressful for both my husband and I. We are both private people and due to other family circumstances at the time we decided not to worry our families about our current problem.

All we seemed to do was eat, sleep and breathe having a baby. Whether I was out shopping, having a tea break at work or driving the car there would be constant reminders of the child I longed for. Every time someone announced their pregnancy, my heart sank. Although I was genuinely happy for them, a part of me was sad that it wasn’t me. Putting on a brave face became exhausting.

By February 2011 the stress of the last 2 years was starting to take its toll on my physical health, psychological and emotional well being. Although I was only at the start of my infertility journey I felt completely deflated, and defeated prior to even starting treatment. I was already thinking the first line of treatment offered to me was not going to work and I would be heading down the IVF route. Through it all my husband always remained optimistic. Soon my family realized that something was not quite right and when I told my mum we were having problems conceiving she asked me to speak with a friend who had a similar problem. It was this friend who introduced me to Maya massage. We chatted about our experiences and she spoke of how Maya massage had helped her emotionally and gave her a positive outlook through her IVF treatment which resulted in her becoming pregnant. I knew I had a negative outlook which needed to be confronted. An appointment with Ruth Ellen was made for early spring, so my husband and I decided to hold off starting treatment until then.

I was completely put at ease by Ruth Ellen’s gentle warmth and sensitive nature during my first consultation which lasted approximately 2 ½ hours. No stone was left unturned; everything was covered from my diagnosis of PCOS, physical health, emotional health and well being and she even touched on my fears and hopes which I never spoke about. Ruth Ellen’s knowledge and assessment of infertility was indeed comprehensive. My friend had warned me there would be tears, but I did not expect the flood gates to open! 

By the end of the session I felt Ruth Ellen completely understood what I was going through and all these emotions which I allowed to consume me were suddenly released and it felt good. She made me realize that I can become pregnant. As I drove home I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and a sense of calmness came over me.

The treatment session included a detailed consultation, followed by abdominal massage using warm caster oil, aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy and visualisation techniques were also incorporated into the session. This treatment encouraged me to totally relax and reflect on my thoughts and feelings. I surprised myself by how freely I opened up to Ruth Ellen as this is something I would not normally do. Treatment finished with a neck and shoulder massage as I was quite tense in these areas. Crystals were also used to help with my emotional healing.

After my first consultation I decided to continue seeing Ruth Ellen. However I did not expect what was to happen next!

Over the next few days and weeks I felt more relaxed and embraced how I was feeling. I worked on the visualisation tasks she gave me and for the first time I could see light at the end of the tunnel and began to think more positively about becoming pregnant.

Six weeks later I was shell shocked, all eight pregnancy tests were positive, we were having a baby, no medical treatment required.

I could not believe how fortunate and happy we were. I was dying to tell Ruth Ellen my news but waited with excitement until my next appointment. She was delighted for us both but was not surprised as it has happened for other clients quite quickly after treatment. I on the other hand I was amazed, if it was not for her I may not be experiencing this overwhelming joy at becoming a mum.

I continue to see Ruth Ellen during my pregnancy. Treatment consists of Reflexology; Reiki and Maya massage is in-cooperated after 20 weeks. During this time with Ruth Ellen I feel completely at ease, the treatment keeps me relaxed and any insecurities or anxieties I may have about my pregnancy are addressed. I trust Ruth Ellen and have strong faith in the benefits of Maya massage.

Nothing can prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster associated with Infertility. On reflection by keeping my fears and anxieties around trying to get pregnant bottled up only added to my stress. This was a significant contributing factor to why we could not conceive. 

I always felt guilty and weak for feeling so negative and emotional at this early stage of my journey when other women have been trying to conceive for years and remained strong. Ruth Ellen quickly reassured me that no matter what stage of the infertility journey you are at your pain is real.

Maya massage is a holistic treatment to infertility provided by a sensitive, skilful and knowledgeable practitioner in a relaxing environment. It allowed me to confront my emotional and psychological difficulties associated with trying to get pregnant and provided the necessary stress release which I undoubtedly needed. But more than anything it helped give my husband and I the most precious gift imaginable, a little baby.

Testimonial 4 

I was 38 and a few months away from my first round of IVF when mum phoned me about an article on Ruth Ellen Logan (Beauty Company) who treated women with infertility problems.  I made an apt with an open mind as I was willing to give anything a go in the hope my treatment would be successful.

My first apt was very thorough, informative and I felt at ease with Ruth Ellen.  I really enjoyed the massage treatment as it was relaxing so I felt that further sessions wouldn’t hurt.  Within a few sessions my period that had been pretty erratic was now on a perfect 28 day cycle and I was feeling very positive and happy and knew that Maya and Ruth Ellen would be a very important person going through my IVF.

Ruth Ellen treated me on two areas, emotionally and physically.  I was able to talk about every normal and abnormal feeling I was having coming up to my IVF and believe me there were more abnormal and then there was the massage which was always a treat.

When I started my treatment I was given a high dose of drug due to my high FSH levels and was ready for big changes, thankfully they never came and I definitely put that down to Maya and along with a lot of support from Ruth Ellen who was always on the end of the phone I was able to make it through the down regulation stage pretty unscathed.

Unfortunately due to my endometriosis I grew a cyst during the injection stage so I would have to have bloods taken every two days to ensure that the cyst wasn’t active and taking all the drug.  Thankfully I made it through to egg collection but collected only 2 eggs; again Ruth Ellen was keeping a close eye on my progress and made me feel positive at a time when I wasn’t feeling very bright.  ‘It only takes one egg’ was what she said.  Here’s hoping!!!  I phoned the hospital 2 days later with my fingers crossed and couldn’t believe it when I found out that both had fertilised and to a high grade. 

The most amazing part of this story is that over the next few weeks I found out that I was indeed pregnant and during my next visit Ruth Ellen told me that both had implanted, I was so excited.  On my next visit she told me that one was stronger than the other and at least one would definitely make it.  Ruth Ellen even had a strong feeling that it was a boy!!!

I went to the hospital at 8 weeks for my scan and I was told what amazingly Ruth Ellen had already known.  I had started with a twin pregnancy but now there was only one heartbeat,  I was just grateful for 1 heartbeat.  At 20 weeks I found out another amazing fact, I was indeed having a boy!!

I can’t explain how Ruth Ellen does what she does or knows what she knows but I can indeed be thankful that at a time when I needed an angel I found her and I will forever be grateful for that.  Especially in 15 weeks when I get to hold my baby boy!!!  

Testimonial 5 

When I was told I had to go through IVF to have children I was devastated. All my life I had took it for granted that having children would be easy, that it would be my decision when I could start a family. This wasn’t the case, my partner and I had been trying for 2 years, but nothing was happening. Eventually, after having a small operation I was told my tubes were scared and that no sperm would ever pass through them.

I was told the only way I could have children was by IVF. We then got on the long waiting list ASAP. Mean while my mother in law had saw a newspaper article on Maya massage.

On my first visit to Ruth Ellen I didn’t know what to expect. But after my first visit I did know that this maya massage and Ruth Ellen’s help was going to help me get through the whole IVF process. Ruth Ellen not only helped me with my infertility but she also helped me understand why I was infertile, she helped me deal with issues that I had never before dealt with.

I found the treatment relaxing and any questions that I needed answered Ruth Ellen knew the answers. It was nice to have someone so knowledgeable about IVF close at hand. If I didn’t have an appointment I just had to lift the phone to speak to Ruth Ellen.

After one failed attempt at IVF, Ruth Ellen kept me positive and helped me get through my second attempt. I am now 6 months pregnant with twins.  

Testimonial 6 

The Story of My beautiful babies.

When my husband and I got married in August 2008 we decided we wanted to have a family straight away. I couldnt wait to be a mummy and always dreamt of having baby twins. I just couldnt wait and Jonny was going to be an amazing daddy.

Since I was a teenager I always thought that I wasnt going to conceive easily. I had irregular periods and just knew something was wrong and so 3 months after we got married I went to the doctor. I told her we were trying to conceive longer than we actually were because I wanted to make sure everything was ok. She sent bloods away and when they returned I found out i had PCOS. I was devastated. I was right all along, it was like a sixth sense. I was referred to a gynaecologist and was commenced on clomid and after approx 6 months we still hadnt conceived and I underwent a laparoscopy to check my fallopian tubes. Everything looked normal and they were to refer me to the fertility clinic for IVF.

During this time a lot of my friends were falling pregnant and I was distancing myself further and further from them. I was falling apart. I also attended counselling which didnt help at all. It just brought up feelings that I hadnt thought about in years and in a way it actually made things worse.

We attended the ivf clinic in feb 2010 and were placed on a waiting list which was a year long. I was to continue on clomid and attend monthly for scans to monitor ovulation. Every month I was told when I was going to ovulate so we could try naturally for our much longed for baby. But every month we were left devastated.

In the October my friend told me about maya massage. She was attending the beauty company for something else and read about it. There had also been an article in the paper about it. I had tried everything else, but i needed help, i was distraught. I made an appointment with ruthellen and she got me an appointment straight away. I connected straight away with Ruthellen and within minutes of talking to her I was in tears. She knew exactly how I felt, which questions to ask to find out what was going on in my head. She was lovely. She was able to tell me I had pcos and which ovary was worse just by feeling my tummy. I was amazed. I hadn't told her I had one ovary worse than the other. How did she know! She proceeded to tell me she thought Ivf would definitely work for me. She advised me on different foods I could eat to help with fertility and what vitamins to take etc. In December we received the letter we had been waiting for-we were to begin IVF in Feb. It was all starting I was so excited but so so nervous.

Feb came in no time at all. I took time off work and began down regulating (a nasal spray) and then began stimulating drugs (injections) I attended scans and at one point they felt i was a bit overstimulated and prepared me that they may have to delay the rest of the cycle. I went to ruthellen who help quieten down my ovaries and she advised me to drink lots of water. She thought id be ok and she was right. I went for egg collection, we got 10 eggs and 9 fertilised. We had 2 day 3 embryos transferred. The 2ww was horrendous but Ruthellen helped keep me sane and 2 weeks later we got our bfp. We couldn't believe it. 3 weeks later we went for our scan and I just knew in my heart it was going to be twins.... 2 heartbeats. Our dreams had come true. Everything was going great in my pregnancy although I always had this niggling doubt in my head that we would bring these babies home. I reached 21 weeks and went for my 20 week scan. Everything perfect with both babies. We were so happy. But then on 14th august 22+6 our whole world fell apart when I went into premature labour. I went to hospital but they couldn't do anything because I wasn't 24 weeks. They just put me on bedrest. That evening at 10.54pm my 1st son was born screaming weighing 1lb 3oz. And 5 mins later at 10.59pm our 2nd son was born screaming weighing 1lb. They were so beautiful. The most amazing little babies. They resuscitated them because they were both so healthy and they thought I was maybe further on that I thought. However because they were ivf that was impossible. They were taken to intensive care and stabilised and we had them christened but I knew in my heart my babies were never going to be coming home and on 15th August at 7.20pm we had to say our goodbyes and both boys passed away together holding eachothers hands and in mine and my husbands arms. Devastation doesn't even come close to describe how we felt.

I Was still imaging the babies kicking inside me. How were we goin to get through it? The reason for the premature labour was a placental abruption and the only risk factor I had for that was multiple pregnancy. I was young and healthy. Why us?? If we had have had a single embryo transfer I have no doubt we would have had a baby home with us then. But that's hard to say after meeting our boys. We made a promise to our boys that we wouldn't give up and we would try to get them a little sibling. This was the only thing kept me going. We had to do it for them.

So I made an appointment with Ruthellen. She was fabulous. We both cried as I told her what happened. I really felt like she totally understood and she was devastated for us. She was determined to help us get our rainbow baby. I was worried I wasn't ready but she reassured me I was and that she would be with me every step of the way. She was true to her word. Every single step.

We went to Glasgow this time. They were amazing. Totally different experience. I went through theshort protocol this time because my AMH was so high. We got 7 eggs, 6 fertilised and we transferred only 1 day 3 perfect embryo this time. We had another perfect embryo and we froze that one. This 2 ww was worse. It was awful. I was struggling and knew i couldn't deal with a failed cycle. Ruthellen gave me lots of hints that the embryo had implanted but I just couldn't believe it. I was terrified of disappointment. She phoned me lots and text me lots an when I told her any symptoms she reassured me that they were positive signs. With the twins I had lots of symptoms but this time I didn't. Test day was the day after valentines day and while trying to eat my valentines dinner I felt so sick. I couldn't eat. I knew that feeling, I knew I was pregnant. I did the test at 5am and there it was! Pregnant2-3 weeks!! I couldn't believe it. I even text Ruth at that time to tell her!!

The pregnancy was very hard but I went to see Ruthellen every 2 weeks and went privately for antenatal care. Between my consultant, midwives, Ruthellen and of course family i got through it. Ruthellen reassured me the whole way that baby was very very healthy as was my placenta.

On the 18th October 2012 at 39+2 weeks my beautiful rainbow baby boy was born screaming at 10.06am via elective section weighing 7lb 6 1/2 oz. He is absolutely beautiful and very healthy! In fact the only thing Ruthellen got wrong was the sex! She was convinced I was having a girl! But I always knew in my heart he was going to be a little boy.

Maya massage saved my life in many many ways and I owe a lot to Ruthellen. She has become my friend now, I've shared more with her than I have anyone in my life. My 3 little boys are very very special and although 2 of them are in heaven I will always treasure every second I had with them and I just love being an earth mummy. My little rainbow is my whole world and as I predicted my hubby is just a fab daddy.

Testimonial 7

In 2010 I give birth to my second son. We had a 2 year old boy already and were delighted to add another little son to our family. We felt so content and were the happiest we had ever been.

Sadly our joy was short-lived.  At just 7 days old our beautiful newborn son, who had been born perfectly healthy, fell seriously ill and went to sleep. My husband and I were devastated. The worst possible thing that could ever happen to a parent had happened to us. Our lives instantly changed. We were completely heartbroken. Our whole world was shattered.

Our little 2 year old son got us through the weeks after our beautiful little boy died and I don't know what we would have done without him.

Although we knew another child would never replace our little angel, we knew we wanted more children and hoped that another baby could ease some of our pain. We started trying for another child right away. 

Sadly our grief was so overwhelming I could not get pregnant again. After a year we visited consultants who told we were experiencing unexplained secondary infertility and they put us on a waiting list for IVF. 

The months after losing our beautiful son were so difficult and I felt we were only just getting our lives back on track again. I hated the thought of the emotional trauma IVF would bring. I have friends who have been through it and although I was willing to try anything, we had been through so much already that I really wasn't sure if we were emotionally strong enough yet following our son’s death to go through IVF.  I also felt guilty sitting in the consultant’s waiting room with other couples. All I could think was that some of them maybe have no children at all, we should be grateful we at least had our son. 

So before going down the road of IVF we decided to try alternative, more natural ways of helping us conceive. I'd been pregnant three times before (I'd also miscarried our first child at 10 weeks) I knew I could conceive naturally so I started attending acupuncture in the hope that it would help. 

Then in January 2012 I read an article about Ruth Ellen and how she had helped so many couples conceive. I will admit I was sceptical at first. Could a massage really help me get pregnant again? It seemed too good to be true. I went online and read through the website and instantly knew this was worth trying, anything to help us try to find some happiness again. 

I attended my first appointment the following month. I can't begin to explain how relaxed she made me feel. I had tried counselling after our son died but it simply wasn't for me. Maybe the timing wasn't right for me but I came away from the counselling sessions even more depressed and began to dread the next one so I left after just three sessions.  It left me feeling quite negative about counselling so I wasn't sure what to expect then when, at my first appointment with Ruth Ellen, she started to discuss all these feelings with me. But somehow I came away from that first appointment feeling more relaxed than I had done in months. We discussed my grief for my son, my problems conceiving, my miscarriage, my fears of being pregnant and losing another child. We even discussed how upset I had felt when I was unable to breastfeed my first son - something I really beat myself up over after he was born because I felt like I had failed him and wasn't a good mother. Although losing our son put a lot of these issues into perspective, I hadn't realised that it wasn't just my grief for him that was affecting my physical and mental wellbeing but that there were a lot of things that still clearly bothered me and that I had never really dealt with or talked to anyone about that made me feel depressed and doubt my own self-worth. I truly felt Ruth Ellen understood everything I was going through. I found she helped me face these fears, confront what made me feel so down about myself but most importantly she gave me hope.... - hope that I thought I had lost a long time ago. All of this combined with the Maya massage plus Reflexology and Reiki made an amazing difference to me.

After the second session she told me she was confident there was another child for us. She asked me had I girls names in mind when I was pregnant with my two sons. I said I had and she told me to keep these names in my mind, that I might need them.  I recall telling my husband about the second appointment and thinking 'Is she just telling me what I want to hear' but sceptical as I am, I knew there was something more to this wonderful person. I still can’t quite put my finger on what it is about her but I believed in her. I believed she could help me. But more importantly I started to believe in myself again. Despite all the grief, the anxiety, the pain that was obviously preventing me from allowing myself to get pregnant again, Ruth Ellen helped me put trust in myself again both physically and emotionally. 

I attended appointments every 4 weeks and loved every one of them. I loved the freedom of being able to talk about all of my grief both for my son, my earlier miscarriage and all of my feelings so openly plus the Maya massage relaxed me more than I thought possible. 

The Maya massage also helped my monthly cycle. Although I had no serious problems with it, my periods were perhaps a little long, sometimes lasting 12-14 days. The Maya massage regulated this and brought my periods to a more normal and regular routine of lasting up to only 7 days at a time. This made it easier to pinpoint when I was ovulating.

By my 5th appointment I was pregnant! I honestly couldn't believe it!  I continued to attend every other month and Ruth Ellen helped me through the pregnancy which was a worrying time. 

When pregnant with my second son, I was diagnosed with major placenta previa and was admitted to hospital at 35 weeks until my son was born by caesarean section as the risk to both me and the baby were so great if I went into labour myself. Although this was nothing to do with why our little boy died, it was a worrying time and I dreaded it happening again in another pregnancy as unfortunately once you have experienced placenta previa, you are extremely likely to suffer it again in future pregnancies. I truly believe the Maya massage prevented this from happening again during my third pregnancy and this was a great relief to us. Apart from my obvious worries and anxiety, the pregnancy was completely healthy and I had no complications. The easiest of all three of my pregnancies in fact!

Just over a year after attending my first appointment with Ruth Ellen I give birth to my third child - a beautiful healthy daughter! On the day she was born I text Ruth Ellen and said "You were right - it's a girl!"

As I write this, she is now 5 weeks old and is thriving. I am able to breastfeed her which is the most wonderful feeling and my son just adores her. We think about our little boy every day and miss him so much but our beautiful daughter has helped us find our smiles again. 

I'm so thankful I saw the article and found this fantastic therapy. It was something I had never heard of before and I'm so grateful to Ruth Ellen and Maya massage for helping me find this wonderful happiness again. I would honestly recommend even the most sceptical person to give it a try. My little rainbow baby is proof that there is always hope!

Testimonial 8

My Journey to Motherhood.

My husband and I married in 2005 and started to try for a family immediately. I was so excited about the thought of becoming a mummy as I had always dreamed of having children.

After 20 months without success we were finally referred to a gynaecologist for investigations . I had always had irregular periods and after some investigations he suspected I had endometriosis and referred us to a fertility clinic to see a specialist. Again my husband and I underwent test after test and I had a laparoscopy which confirmed grade 4 endometriosis and severe adhesions. My husband was told he had a low sperm count and poor motility. The doctor told us it was extremely unlikely that we would ever conceive naturally and so we were placed on a waiting list for ICSI. Four months after the laparoscopy however I discovered I was pregnant naturally and we were overjoyed. Our joy was short lived and our world fell apart when I miscarried at 10 weeks. I was devastated and sunk into a deep depression which I couldn’t shake.

Finally several months later we got the letter to say we were top of the waiting list for treatment and this started to give me some hope. I would never forget my angel baby but this would help me look forward. In January 2010 I started down regulation for my first treatment cycle. Unfortunately I developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and had to have all my embryos frozen. This was another setback for us and left me feeling very deflated. The only positive was I had 17 embryos and I only had to wait for a few months to have them put back and I believed one of them had to work.  I had a frozen embryo transfer in June 2010 which was unsuccessful and 2 further frozen transfers in December 2010 and June 2011, again both of which were unsuccessful.

We decided to move clinics and try another fresh cycle so in January 2012 we began the process again. Just as I was about to start treatment my dad gave me a clipping out of the newspaper which was an article on a technique called Maya massage and the practitioner Ruth Ellen Logan. I decided it was worth trying as I had previously tried acupuncture and was willing to try anything that would help my chances of treatment being successful.  I contacted Ruth Ellen and she fitted me in for an appointment. As soon as I met Ruth Ellen I was immediately put at ease, she was such a warm friendly person and such a calming influence. She was very indepth during the first appointment leaving no stone unturned. She was extremely knowledgeable in IVF protocols and fertility. I came away feeling very relaxed and positive.  The maya massage for me consisted of massage of my abdomen, reflexology and crystal healing. I continued to see Ruth Ellen weekly during the treatment cycle however she was upfront and told me she didn’t feel the clinic I was with had tailored the treatment protocol specifically to meet my needs.  In the meantime I had entered a competition for a free treatment cycle with a clinic inLondonand had been contacted by them to say I had been selected for a free cycle. Ruth Ellen said she felt that clinic would be more successful but she would try everything possible to help with this treatment cycle. Unfortunately again I developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and again all my embryos had to be frozen. Both I and Ruth Ellen were very angry that the same thing had happened and nothing had been done to try to prevent it from happening despite my history.

My husband and I decided to go for the cycle in Londonand when I told Ruth Ellen she advised me to have some immune tests done as she got a strong feeling that there was something amiss.  We went for our consultation and asked for more indepth tests and we discovered I had hypothyroidism and high natural killer cells which had never been checked at the clinics here.  I was started on low dose thyroxine for my thyroid and was to take steroids during the treatment.  Again I saw Ruth Ellen weekly but at times I was struggling emotionally and she fitted me in twice weekly if needed. I also had some sessions of Reiki with Felicity and extra sessions of Maya with Amy. Both ladies were fabulous at helping me relax and destress. Things progressed well during down regulation and stimming phases of treatment. I was amazed at the information Ruth Ellen could get from massaging my tummy. She was able to tell me how I was responding to the drugs and she was spot on each time. She always helped get my positivity back when it started to dwindle. I always left her sessions feeling much better than when I arrived, most times I was a wreck when I arrived because I was so anxious about treatment. When we went to LondonI stayed in contact with Ruth Ellen and again she was able to reassure me over the phone. I had 2 day 5 blastocysts transferred on 18th June 2012 and felt this was the furthest we had ever got without a setback and I had Ruth Ellen to thank for helping us get that far. She was delighted when I told her the news. Again she worked so hard with me over the next few weeks, giving me reassurance, helping boost my positivity and always being there on the other end of the phone when I started to crumble. She tried to give me hints that things were looking good, there were signs of implantation and the symptoms were a positive sign but I didn’t really take it all in because I was so worried about allowing myself to get my hopes up. To our delight 2 weeks after transfer we had a positive pregnancy test and were completely over the moon. Ruth Ellen saw me regularly throughout my pregnancy as I was very anxious having previously been through a loss and she was able to tell me from a very early stage that she felt I was pregnant with twins. At my 7 week viability scan I had it confirmed that she was right, there on the screen were 2 beautiful heartbeats. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.  I couldn’t believe it, how could she have known!!!!!!  It was a difficult pregnancy at times as I had bleeding and symphis pubis dysfunction which caused a lot of pain but Ruth Ellen worked hard to try to help ease some of the pregnancy symptoms and keep me focused on my 2 miracle babies. 

On 29th January 2013 I delivered 2 healthy baby boys by emergency c-section. My boys are my world and I cherish every second spent with them.

 I owe so much to Ruth Ellen for everything she has done for me. I truly believe I wouldn’t have been successful in my journey to becoming a mummy without her. She is an amazing person and a special friend. We have shared much laughter and many tears throughout this journey but every time I look at my precious babies I know every step was worth it.

Testimonial 9 

After having had all the various tests carried out re my fertility I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in 2011 and after trying both clomid and Gonal F injections I was unsuccessful in becoming pregnant. A friend recommended that I try Maya massage so I thought why not I would give it a go. My consultant prescribed me medication for (PCOS) which I began mid Dec 2011 to help regulate my cycle as it had been very irregular for some time. I contacted The Beauty Company and made my first appointment with Ruth Ellen for April 2012. Along with my medication and my monthly maya session my cycles went from 60 days to 40 days to every 34 days which i found amazing they were lighter & not as painful. I had sessions monthly with Ruth Ellen and found her to be excellent in her specialist field, being professional, friendly and showing a genuine sensitive manner towards such an important journey many ladies have to take on the road to motherhood. At the start of Nov I found out that i was pregnant conceiving naturally this great news came as a huge and wonderful shock.

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in July of this year. Becoming a mummy has been the most utterly amazing experience that I will cherish always. So ladies I would so recommend that you give the ladies in The Beauty Company a buzz as the Maya massage for me was definitely money so so well spent.

Thank you again ladies for helping me on this wonderful journey.

Testimonial 10 

We started trying for a baby as soon as we got married.  

I was 33 and my husband was 30.  After a year of nothing happening my GP sent us both for tests.  My husband had very low motility and we were told that I would never get pregnant naturally.  

After 2 failed attempts at ICSI here in NI it was discovered that I had developed a problem.   My eggs were very poor quality.  I was devastated.  As we had no-one we could ask to donate eggs to us we decided to go to Spain for treatment.

Unfortunately our first go failed but the clinic were optimistic about our chances and recommended we try again.   We decided to give it one more go and this really had to be our last time as we just could not afford anymore treatment and emotionally it was taking it toll on us.  

I had read about maya massage and decided to talk to Ruth Ellen about it as I knew she practised it and I knew she has had fertility problems herself and that she now had a child.   I found Ruth Ellen to be very easy to talk to and very understanding.  Maya Massage is not just about massage.  

On the first session Ruth Ellen made me tell her everything that had happened from the moment we started trying for a baby until now.  That was something I found incredible difficult to do because its not something you talk about easily as its so upsetting.  There were a lot of tears but when I went home that evening I felt like a great weight had been lifted.  

Week after week it became easier to talk about and I found myself looking forward to the sessions.  

Luckily for me our 4th treatment worked and now I am a mom of 1 year old twins and I have to still pinch myself everyday.  

Obviously I can't say for certain that I got my positive result because of the Maya Massage but I can say that I went into my 4th and final treatment in a better more relaxed frame of mind.  I also knew that if it did not work I would be alright where as before I was in such a panic feeling that if it did not work, what would I do, how would I cope.  I would highly recommend maya massage and so glad I did it.  

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