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Ruth Ellen's Unique Implantation Protocol 

Meet Tommy Alexander Rutherford 

Born 27/June/2013

He is officially the first baby in the world to be born using the Logan Fertility Method™ and is living proof that while traditional Western science is wonderful, it doesn’t hold all the answers about the path to motherhood.

For so many women, that path is frustrating, heartbreaking and emotionally paralysing and I know first hand the devastation of walking it when things don’t go right.

But please have heart because there is good news out there and Tommy is literally living proof that sometimes we have to encourage our little miracles to happen.

Using a combination of Western science, Eastern medicine and knowledge, plus vital intuitive instincts, I believe I have cracked the code creating the best chances for healthy conception and pregnancy.

I started my career in the beauty industry, but my personal experiences drew me deep into a quest for an understanding of fertility and challenged me not only to have my own family against the odds, but to help other women to do the same.

Now I have taken everything I’ve learned, have combined the very best of it and HAVE created the Logan Fertility Method™, transforming my much-loved career into a heartfelt and personal vocation that is enjoying huge success as couples pursue the path to parenthood.

I first became interested in fertility challenges due to my own struggle with ectopic pregnancy. 

By the age of 27, I felt my body had failed me. 

Three ectopic pregnancies ensured it was no longer possible for me to conceive naturally again. 

Desperate to understand what was going on and wondering how I would cope with my chances of motherhood destroyed, I went into research mode.

Four years on I have enjoyed two successful assisted pregnancies and now have two wonderful children, Aiyana and Tommy,  plus of course Susan, the dog. She may not have been part of the fertility package, BUT Susan is still a hugely important part of family life in our house. David bought her for me after my first IVF failed and her place will remain always deep in my heart. 

My saving grace started with Maya Massage.

It helped me explore the reasons for the ectopic pregnancies I’d experienced, and allowed me to share my knowledge with women who had suffered the same life-changing devastation. 

Having no precious babies to show the world following my excruciating losses, I struggled to cope with the lack of acknowledgement that I was a mummy without children.

But I felt no shame, and no woman should be silenced by the public taboo just because people don’t know what to say to her.

So in October 2009, I decided to go public with my story to break the deathly silence and apparent taboo associated with fertility challenge. 

Now I hope through my work, I have been able to break down many of those barriers - although there is still work to do.

After training and gaining a deeper understanding of Maya Massage, I then took all my fertility knowledge into the world as I continue to develop our protocols and The Logan Fertility Method™.

Very soon my clinic became very busy - and with each woman who conceived, I felt a piece of my loss heal. 

The more I trained and worked intuitively with women, the more inspired I became to understand the emotional devastation associated not only with loss, but with unexplained fertility issues.

I don’t like to use the term ‘infertility’. It’s a useless, unnecessary and crushing label and so often it’s totally inaccurate. 

Throughout those early days I quickly realised the women I met struggled spiritually and emotionally, and often their self-esteem was at rock bottom as a result of having no answers about their failure to conceive. 

But with The Logan Abdominal Massage and associated Logan Fertility Method techniques, it wasn’t long before gloom started turning to glee.

By massaging the tummy and associated organs, oestrogen and progesterone are stimulated while blood flow to the uterus is increased. Retrovertion - or a tilt - in the uterus is corrected, along with posterior alignment issues by simply using gentle and regular manipulation. 

The therapy is also wonderful for dealing with adhesions and such like fibroids, endometriosis and stagnant ovaries, those little guys sometimes need a wake-up call and a to-do list!

The Maya Abdominal Massage is nothing new. In fact it dates back thousands of years, having been passed down through midwives from Central America to Africa,Egypt and China. 

I trained in London and America in 2009 to become the first Maya massage practitioner in Northern Ireland.

Now I've taken all my fertility knowledge and used it to develop The Logan Fertility Method™, incorporating my knowledge of Reflexology, Mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and the art and power of intention plus thorough but gentle consultation. Mindfulness is hugely powerful for ovarian stimulation and the prevention of hyper-stimulation. 

Since carrying out my first fertility massage on  June 10, 2009 to today June 30, 2013, 154 babies have been born to my clients - THAT'S AN AVERAGE OF ABOUT 40 BABIES BORN EVERY YEAR TO WOMEN WITH MAJOR FERTILITY CHALLENGES AFTER THEY HAVE WALKED INTO MY CLINIC.

AND NOW ANOTHER 51 are on the way. 

And nearly all those wonderful mums had been written off as fertility failures by modern Western science/medicine.

Things have grown so busy that I have been training other practitioners too and we’re learning more and more every day. 

Fertility, conception, pregnancy and childbirth are not exact sciences because we are all so different. 

But the emotional impact of all of these areas of life is huge and quite predictable.

I learned very quickly about the art of positive intention and grew to understand that the uterus is a wonderful storage place for happy and positive emotions.

But that means too that it can store negativity, memories of traumas, recent, past and even long-forgotten.

And that’s why Mindfulness is so important as part of the Logan Fertility Method™ because it can help address those problems.

Today all clients of LFM spend about two and a half hours in a gentle but thorough consultation.

As a therapist, I need to understand my client’s history, her genuine level of well-being and also any past experiences or traumas that may still be with her, stored in that special place, the place the Chinese charmingly call the ‘Palace of the Child’.

The more I have worked with clients, the more the mysterious pieces of the fertility puzzle have fallen into place.

And while Maya Massage remains the ultimate preparation for IVF or natural conception, the addition of my personalised methods combine to create a conception and pregnancy life-force.

The frustrations of unexplained fertility challenges and recurrent miscarriage are very hard to cope with and when I started on my journey I initially found a lot of questions and answers from Alan Beers’ book, ‘Is Your Body Baby Friendly?’ which clearly acknowledges the connection between reproduction, genetics and immunity.

And more recently I have discovered that the spleen, which Western medicine is pretty vague about and appears oddly disinterested in, is a vital organ for conception and pregnancy so LFM works to address it.

When the spleen is out of balance, either too robust or too sluggish, it affects embryo implantation and the development of the placenta often resulting in failed IVF, unexplained fertility problems and recurrent miscarriages.

SO now as I launch the Logan Fertility Method™, I have created an additional protocol specifically targeted at healthy implantation and the health of the placenta. 

Based on the concept of how our immune system works in harmony with our own biological code, this unique protocol is influenced by bioenergetics, a fancy word for the flow of energy through all living systems. 

Having spent the last three years developing the Logan Fertility Method™, I finally reached the stage last year where I needed a ‘drug-free’ case study so I could see every aspect, every day from conception until the 13th week of pregnancy.

I had previously used exactly the same method successfully on so many women, but I had only seen them at weekly appointments and wanted to monitor someone hourly, daily! And the only person I could ask was me !!

With frozen embryos still waiting to be used from my Logan Maya Abdominal Massage Practitoner, I decided in September 2012, that I would undergo natural FET - or frozen embryo transfer - and monitor my own body at regular intervals throughout the day combining all the knowledge and experience gathered over the years. 

The decision was the right one, and took me from One Day Post Transfer to the 13th week of pregnancy until my placenta was fully self sufficient.

And now nine months later Tommy is here and with his arrival, the Logan Fertility Method™ has officially been born.

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