Logan Abdominal Massage

Logan Abdominal Massage

Interview with Ruth-Ellen Logan on The Logan Abdominal Massage Method  

When you first hear that there's an abdominal massage that can help with fertility you might think - How could a belly rub possibly bolster fertility. But it's worked for Logan Maya Abdominal Massage practitioners Ruth Ellen and her clients. Today we hear their story and the possible fertility benefits of the Logan Abdominal Massage Method.

More and more couples facing the prospect of not being able to have a baby are now approaching their infertility problems in a more holistic manner, either before or alongside seeking standard medical approaches to infertility. 

Ruth Ellen Logan, founder of the Logan Abdominal Massage Method.

Beauty therapist for 10 years
Opened own business 2004
Two ectopic pregnancies Trained as a Maya Massage Practitioner - one of only three in the country

Now has a beautiful daughter Aiyana born on 1/01/11

First off, what is the Logan Abdominal Massage Method?

The Logan Abdominal Massage Method is an ancient form of massage, it is used to gently manipulate the muscles and connective tissues that hold the pelvic organs in place.  There's nothing magic to it, its simple common sense and using a method of abdominal massage that helps reposition any organs in that area that may have shifted.  Once any blockages and congestion are resolved, the body can self-regulate, heal and regenerate. 

So positioning of the uterus is at the core and fertility can be enhanced by applying these massage techniques.

It also aids relaxation and can help to achieve a more emotional and spiritual connection to the reproductive area, by helping women to connect with their femininity and increase fertility. The technique has also been found helpful for chronic stomach problems such as indigestion and constipation.

But it's not only fertility it can be used for:

Its main focus is to treat displacement in the pelvic area but there is also a very emotional side to the massage - its suitable for women who've suffered any trauma - I work with many women who have been victims of incest, sexual abuse or rape - many of those clients want to have an intimate relationship with their partners but find emotionally they are unable to do so because they have a very negative relationship with their uterus. 

And menopause?

Helps prolapse and very good for bloating - get a lot of thickening of the waist when menopausal.

Your own fertility issues led you to becoming a Maya Massage Practitioner?

I suffered two ectopic pregnancies - my fallopian tubes were then removed because they were so damaged. It was very traumatic to know aged 28 that IVF was my only option - I was convinced I'd get pregnant and that the first IVF cycle would be a success but it was not.

I was really worried - I think there was a part of me that had a horrendous fear that it was actually never going to happen - I knew I could get pregnant but my body was preventing me. 

I felt very low at certain points but then I decided I was just going to have to find another way. I discovered material on Maya Massage and decided there and then to go to America and train to become a practitioner. It made perfect sense to me. 

And it obviously helped you?

I offered the service to my clients and I worked on myself before, during and after my successful second IVF cycle. I visualized my baby, being pregnant, having my baby in my arms and I massaged myself the way I was taught in the US. I felt upbeat but a little nervous going for my second IVF cycle and the dreaded two-week wait to find out whether I was pregnant or not was excruciating.

I think many of the women that come to me are nervous about what it might entail. They've had a rough time already and have looked up Maya on the internet and learned a bit about it.

This period of time is normally not that great for people, they're at their wits end, they're exhausted and very emotional. But I fully understand where they are coming from. 

And I think that everyone that comes into my clinic is sceptical - but within five minutes they know they can trust me.

What does the treatment entail:

People come in for consultation and take it from there, treatment lasts 150 mins initially, I see all age profiles but I don't work on anyone under 16. 

Natural conception once a month 

Once a week for a woman on IVF. 

So women can do the massage as well as IVF?

It's not either or - and one size does not fit all but I have a protocol especially adapted for IVF. 

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