Ruth Ellen's Unique Fertility Implantation Protocol

Implantation Protocol


I first became interested in fertility challenge due to my own struggle with ectopic pregnancy. 

By the age of 27, it was no longer possible for me to ever conceive naturally again. At this point I discovered Maya Massage I wanted to explore the reasons why I'd had ectopic pregnancies within my own body and in turn try to help other women who had experienced my devastation. 

I decided to go public with my story in October 2009, as I wanted to break the deathly silences and shame associated with infertility. This lead to a very keen interest and intrigue for many women, who too were suffering with fertility challenges. The clinic became very busy, very quickly, and with each woman who conceived, I felt a piece of my loss heal. 

The more I trained and worked intuitively with women, the more inspired I became to understand the emotional devastations associated with not only loss, but unexplained infertility. 

I felt the women that I met, who didn't know why they couldn't conceive, struggled more spiritually and had very low self esteem. 

The Logan Abdominal Massage technique focuses on the realignment of the reproductive organs. By massaging the tummy and associated organs, we stimulate oestrogen and progesterone. We also increase blood flow to the uterus. We can correct Retroverted Uterus and Posterior issues through gentle, frequent manipulation. It's wonderful for Adhesions, Endometriosis and Stagnant Ovaries.

I also learned very quickly, the art and power of intention and thorough consultation. The things we store in our uterus from past traumas, need to and should be realised. I automatically started incorporating Reiki into every massage. I spent and still do spend 2.5 hours with any first time client, so I understand her history, her genuine well being and the past experiences or traumas that may still be with her. 

The Logan Abdominal Massage  and associated Logan Fertility Methods is the ultimate preparation for IVF or Natural Conception  and can be used until any stimulation drugs are introduced. Thereafter I use aspects of Reflexology and Reiki to enhance ovarian stimulation or prevention of Hyperstimulation. 

I too began to feel and realise the frustrations of unexplained fertility challenge and recurrent miscarriage... It seemed there were still so many things that medicine couldn't answer. This is when I started to read " Alan Beers, is your body baby friendly " and started to acknowledge that the connection between geneticists and reproduction could be a possibility? 

I also had interestingly enough discovered the spleen point activated and significantly out of balance more often in women who had unexplained infertility and recurrent miscarriage. As I've been a masseuse for 12 years and spent most of my working life training in various different techniques, I started to put together a protocol for  implantation and the placenta. Based on the concept of how our immune system works in harmony with our own biological code. This unique protocol, is influenced by Bio Energetics, Accupressure, Reiki, and Reflexology. After developing this over the past 3 years, I decided I needed a case study that I could see everyday from conception until 13th week of pregnancy to be absolutely sure. Even though, I used the exact method on so many women, I'd only perhaps seen them weekly and I wanted to monitor someone daily. I needed a drug free case study also. So I had frozen embryos left over from 2009 and I decided in September 2012, that I would do a natural FET, monitor my own body at regular intravels throughout the day from 1 day post transfer to the 13th week of pregnancy until the placenta is fully self sufficient... And Logan Fertility Method™ was born. I truly believed more than ever in the concept that the spleen may become so robust that it effects implantation and the development of the placenta thus resulting in failed IVF, unexplained infertility and recurrent miscarriage. 

This protocol is compatible with Clexane, Heparin, Prednisolone, Intra Lipids, LIT, IVIG, and Humera. And any other autoimmune drugs.. 

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