Ruth Ellen Logan Founder of the Logan Fertility Method™


At the beauty company we offer a wide range of holistic and naturopathic therapies to aid your overall sense of health and well-being. Women's Health and well being has always been a priority at the beauty company, but since 2009 Ruth Ellen has been a Practitioner of the Logan Fertility Maya Abdominal™ Massage specialising in fertility and conception and more specifically along side IVF.

Ruth Ellen travelled to america to complete an intensive training course in Maya Massage. Her intention was to become the first practitioner to practice in Northern Ireland. In 2009 this ambition became a reality with Ruth Ellen opening a clinic in the countries capital city. As the years have progressed so has Ruth Ellen's client base, you can expect a lengthly wait to have an opportunity to be seen by this practitioner. 

During a tenuous struggle with her own fertility issues, she took the courageous step to try something completely new Maya Massage. Ruth Ellen believes that her own special empathy and understanding of loss, coupled with the devastation of infertility has made her the practitioner she is today. Since 2009 Ruth Ellen Logan has treated over 200 women in her clinics for varying reasons.

Ruth-Ellen's special interest relates to IVF and to date Ruth Ellen has helped many women conceive their miracle babies.  401 babies born to women who have undergone Logan Fertility Method™. (numbers correct on June 9, 2015)

To have a consultation with Ruth Ellen Logan please contact 02890 332546 or e-mail

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The Treatment of Endometriosis

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