Ruth-Ellen Logan Logan Fertility Method Creator

Ruth-Ellen Logan

Creator of Logan Fertility and Logan Method Abdominal Massage  

Ruth Ellen has become the driving force of Maya massage and alternative approaches to overcoming fertility challenges in Northern Ireland.

Her success rates are so encouraging, even the most cynical critic of complementary cannot help but be encouraged.

She is the creator of Logan Fertility Method and Logan Maya Abdominal Massage, Neuro-Lingusitic Practitioner, (NLP), reflexology, reiki, crystal healing, bio-energetic massage and is experienced in cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

Ruth Ellen said: “Maya massage helped me have my longed-for children and having undergone extensive training, gained qualifications, undertaken on-going research and carried out hundreds of client assessments, I believe Maya massage offers not only hope but a really effective treatment for men and women branded by the medical world as ‘infertile’.

“The physical techniques are a wonderful and straight-forward approach to changing this so-called infertility status to something very positive. The emotional approach is totally dependent on the practitioner. A happy and fulfilled practitioner who is in tune with life is a hugely effective ally on this path to parenthood.”

“I am driven to continue this work, not only because it helped me, but because it is helping so many other women and changing their lives for the better, helping more than 50% of them to motherhood after they were written off by their doctors.”

“Qualifications are essential but it’s even more important to transfer that knowledge practically and that’s what we do at the Logan Fertility Care Centre.

“My reputation has been earned over years of hard work and great success and I am thankful that my own fertility struggle led me to discover Maya massage.

“Maya is at the very heart of our work and the Logan Fertility Method which I created around it, to support Maya as it supports our amazing clients, the women who put their trust in us when they are often at their lowest ebb.”

Ruth Ellen carries qualifications in:

  • ITEC
  • Maya Massage Practitioner
  • HNC sports massage
  • Certified Reiki – trained under Christine McBride
  • Certified crystals healing – trained under Christine McBride
  • Certified Indian Head Massage
  • Ruth Ellen has experience in NLP and CBT
  • Reiki teacher 


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