Fiona Masterson Specialist Fertility & Abdominal Sacral Masseuse

Fiona Masterson


Fiona is one of the country’s most highly respected exponents of fertility massage and is renowned for her dedication to on-going training and learning.

When she is not treating clients she can normally be found researching additional methods or developing techniques, and her training in abdominal sacral therapy which is now complete. She trained with Helen Roderick in London and is now a certified practitioner. 

Fiona's hand-on training is supported by her experience as a fully qualified massage therapist who delivers full body massage, including abdominal, fertility and foot work. 

Fiona is also a fully qualified reiki practitioner and has a special interest in fertility-related massage therapies and continues to study and train in reflexology and other abdominal massage techniques.

Fiona said:

“Maya massage is at the heart of everything I do, but I like to add to it in the belief that we can never have too much knowledge or experience. I believe wholeheartedly in Maya massage and have been training both under mentoring from Ruth Ellen and at the Maya massage courses in the UK.

It’s an amzing and very effective treatment which I thoroughly enjoy delivering to my clients.

“I started to work for Ruth Ellen in 2011 and started to learn all I could about the fertility treatment that was being offered in the care centre.

“From the moment I found out about Maya Massage and what it can achieve I knew it was the path I wanted to follow.

“Since then I have been training in Ruth Ellen’s methods for our spleen protocol in relation to auto-immune issues and how we aid implantation. "This protocol was designed by Ruth Ellen to suppress an over-robust spleen to support embryo implantation and to continue to encourage growth and development until the placenta takes over at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

“I also work on bio-energetics which is how our psychological well-being controls our biological responses and vice verse. It is a form of body psychotherapy based on the continuum between body and mind.

“I also practice reiki, the method of hands-on healing where the universal energy is transferred through the hands to allow for self-healing, and acupressure - where physical pressure is applied to trigger points by the hands or elbow.

“Since beginning my journey I found my path bring me to abdominal-sacral massage and I am now a fully qualified  practitioner in this technique which has amazing success with fertility-related challenges, digestive conditions, hormonal imbalances, stress-related difficulties and many more concerns.

“When I first trained as a beauty therapist I was always more drawn to the holistic side of the industry and now I'm where I want to be. 

“I have also trained in body massage and Indian head massage which I believe initially lead me in the direction of fertility therapies. 

“By performing this abdominal massage I work to remove blockages to increase the five flows in the body, arterial blood flow, venous blood flow, nerve impulses, lymph and chi or energy. When these blockages are released it allows for optimal functioning of the abdominal organs. 

“This work and what it can achieve never ceases to amaze me and I feel blessed to be helping people with this therapy every day. And I feel my own personal experience of emotional trauma , has helped make me the practitioner I am today.

“And my knowledge and understanding of what I do can only continue to grow. My love for what I am doing and the satisfaction I feel when helping people is what encourages me to continue to gain more knowledge and understanding in the challenges many of us face in our lives. I know my future with fertility therapies will continue to be truly fulfilling." 

Fiona has achieved CIBTAC Diploma body massage including physiology and anatomy. 

She is an Indian head masseuse, reiki practitioner and an experienced fertility pregnancy masseuse. 

For the last two years Fiona has trained and continues to be mentored by Ruth Ellen Logan in the Logan Fertility Method. 

Fiona’s carries qualifications in : 

  • Certified Indian head 
  • Reiki - trained under Kirsty Elwood 
  • Pregnancy Massage  Therapy
  • Certified Abdominal Sacral Massage Therapy


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