Felicity Lynch Specialist Fertility & Abdominal Masseuse (Senior Management)

Felicity Lynch


Felicity started her career in the beauty industry, but like her colleagues her main interest was in the holistic approach to therapies and well-being. Now she is a fully qualified massage therapist specialising in abdominal and sacral massage, pregnancy massage, reiki and crystal healer. She has recently added reflexology to her skills base. 

Keen to learn as much as possible, she launched herself into as much training as possible, and it soon became clear she had a natural interest and talent in complementary therapies.

Felicity was always interested in anatomy and physiology and how the human body worked- recognising it was like a well oiled machine that depended on every aspect to function accurately for the body to work in perfect harmony.

After the birth of her daughter in 2008, Felicity became more aware of fertility challenges that were affecting people around her. 

And it was around this time Ruth-Ellen Logan was researching Maya massage.

Felicity said:

“I was intrigued by a therapy that could help with fertility issues when doctors were struggling to offer answers. I was also astonished by the amount of control, knowledge and calm it offered women in this situation. 

“In 2011 I started assisting and training at the Maya care centre and was able to offer a range including aspects of Maya Logan Fertility method such reiki and crystal therapy. 

“My interest has developed and the more I learned of these women’s journeys the more I wanted to continue training and helping as many women as possible. Training in complementary therapies never really ends, we can learn every day and continue to pass on our training and knowledge so others can continue the good work.

“It’s an exciting time for the alternative therapies in the field of fertility challenge and I feel proud and happy to be working at a care centre that not only has such good success levels, but that continues to grow and develop.”

Felicity carries qualifications in: 

  • Abdominal Sacral Practice
  • Reiki with Ruth Pringle and Christine mcbride
  • Crystal Healing with Christine mcbride 
  • Pregnancy Massage Therapy
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