Beauty Testimonials



Don't just take our word for it, these testimonials have be written by some of The Beauty Company's clients.

Testimonial 1

I have had ongoing battles with my skin and recently saw an improvement due to a concentrated effort in its management, including a change of skin care products advised by staff at The Beauty Company. Unfortunately I continue to have occasional breakouts and more concerning to me I have been left with scarring and differences in pigmentation by my acne.

I was since recommended to try the CACI facial by Felicity, at the Beauty Company, but with the price I decided just to book in for one. I, however, was very impressed and felt that it was money well spent! The whole process was incredibly relaxing and it left my skin feeling extremely calm and smooth. I experienced no irritation or discomfort and saw an immediate visual improvement that continued to improve over the next few days. I was so impressed that I've now gone and booked myself in for 3 more sessions and look forward to seeing more improvements in my skin. I am already more confident in wearing less make up and have friends comment that even my skin looks brighter. I'd certainly recommend this facial to anyone who wants a smoother, clearer and improved complexion. Thanks!!!



Testimonial 2

I had heard a lot about the CACI facials - and decided to go and try one myself at The Beauty Company.

Firstly - above all current trends, treatments and products (which after all change and evolve with time)  - I need to have confidence in the Therapist - and having had many previous different treatments with Felicity felt very confident in her hands - she always maintains a high degree of professionalism, protecting privacy whilst giving full care and attention but, as well as this, she puts me totally at ease. Feeling at ease and comfortable is the baseline for me otherwise I could not enjoy the treatment. So, I relaxed myself and let it all begin - I found it very enjoyable - Felicity explained the treatment to me and gave an overview of what she was about to do and how it would affect the outcome - all the various aspects of the CACI - the pulses and massage felt invigorating and when she finished I felt as if I had given my face a workout - I would still enjoy a traditional relaxing facial for all the smells, creams and soothing comfort but the CACI is a work out for the facial muscles and the result is fabulous. 

The whole experience with Felicity was as it always is - a friendly, enjoyable encounter with a lady I would trust with any beauty need.


Testimonial 3

I have been fortunate to have had two different types of Dermalogica facials with Felicity Lynch (the manager of the Beauty Company in Belfast), the Prescriptive Facial and the Exclusive Facial.

Before you have your first facial at the Beauty Company you are asked to complete a questionaire regarding your health, lifestyle and skin type. This is confidential and will let the beauty therapist know of any concerns before she actually carries out the facial. With a Dermalogica facial a 'Face Mapping' exercise is also carried out, this is a tool which provides an insight to different skin types. The face and throat is 'divided' into 14 zones and each one is carefully examined by the therapist. This is a short process and the therapist records her findings talking through the results with you and giving you a copy of the visual representation to take away. The face mapping analysis provides an accurate record of my skin which will allow the therapist to recommend the correct facial and also make recommendations if I wish to purchase any Dermalogica products.

The treatment rooms at the Beauty Company are a haven of relaxation allowing you to escape from the 'outside world' for an hour or two. The decor is luxurious with neutral, modern colours, there is low lighting, candles and soothing music not to mention the heated treatment bed!

However, the best part of the experience for me is the facial itself carried out by my beauty therapist Felicity Lynch. She is a caring, knowledgeable and expert beauty therapist who always takes time to listen to my concerns. I am always reassured by her comprehensive knowledge and understanding of my skin worries. She is very experienced and well trained.

The Prescriptive Facial includes deep cleansing, customised exfoliation and an aromatherapy face, neck and shoulder massage. This is followed by a mask (suited to your skin) and to finish a customised moisturiser and eye treatment. An Exclusive Facial is similar but includes at the start, a relaxing back massage (bliss!). Both facials are excellent and highly recommended. I am usually so relaxed by the end of these facials that I almost fall asleep!

I also use some of the Dermalogica products that have been recommended to me and these are excellent too. My favourite is an eye treatment - the Multivitamin Power firm.

In conclusion, whilst I highly recommend both the Dermalogica facials and the products, I cannot recommend highly enough these facials if they are carried out by Felicity. So after reading this review I would make an appointment with Felicity, it is something you will not regret! ...well all of us deserve a treat sometime!!

Sharon Devine