Meet Felicity

Meet Felicity


Saturday/Sunday – Belfast Telegraph

Felicity Lynch, (22) is manager of The Beauty Company, one of Belfast’s largest and most thriving city-centre based Salons, specialising in a range of both traditional beauty and holistic therapies including Maya Massage and Reiki. Felicity lives in Belfast with her daughter Scarlett.

Q: Do weekends find you at the coalface or drawbridge up?

Bit of both, really. On a Saturday I work from 9.00am through to 5.00pm at The Beauty Company where I am manager.

My main role is to oversee the staff whilst carrying out my treatments. I carry out a range of treatments from facials, spray tans, manicures to massage. My biggest passion is the holistic side of the business which is something we are very much expanding at the minute. I am currently training to Reiki master level and absolutely love to help people through this ancient healing practice.

On a Sunday it's drawbridge up for family time with daughter Scarlett.

Q: If you can, do you grab a lie-in?

Lie-ins aren't really for me, I am more of a get up and go type of girl!

My weekends as a child consisted of watching wrestling every Friday night with my two brothers, and Saturday we spent building a three storey tree house – clearly I am a tom-boy at heart!

Q: If you could do anything at all this weekend what would it be?

I would go to Paris and drink champagne under the Eiffel tower…bliss!

Q: If you could buy anything at all this weekend what would it be?

Un chateau en France….but realistically it would have to be shoes...ALWAYS SHOES!!!

Q: At weekends, do you eat out or rustle up something at home?

We usually get a take away; weekends are to be enjoyed not spent slaving over a hot stove.

Q: A night at the cinema or a DVD?

DVD with a blanket and a glass of wine every time!

Q: If you could read anything this weekend, what would it be?

My favourite book is 'to kill a mockingbird' by Harper Lee- an inspirational book, so I guess, if I had time I would like to re-read it.

Q: Do you switch off your mobile and log out of your email?

Emails come straight through to my mobile, but most of the time I don't know where my phone is!

Q: Do you go to Church on a Sunday morning?

No, I'm not a religious person, I would consider myself more spiritual.

Q: Your perfect Sunday?

Listening to Steve Wright's love song on Radio 2, my mum got me hooked, with a coffee and a croissant. Then playing dolls and dress up with my 3 year old daughter Scarlet, if it’s a sunny day then we would have a picnic somewhere pretty.

Q: And when do you start to get depressed at the thought of the weekend ending?

I don't get depressed about it ending; I just look forward to the next one coming. We have a lot of exciting new developments at The Beauty Company lately, which include our new website and sister sites, which will sell all of our products at a discounted price and – so that will keep us all busy. We have also taken on a new member of staff who will be our next Maya Massage consultant, trained under Ruth Ellen Logan, the proprietor of The Beauty Company. With some much change and exciting developments in work, I don’t have time to get depressed. I love the challenges each new week brings.

To book a Reiki consultation with Felicity Lynch, please call The Beauty Company, 2-12 Montgomery Street, Belfast. Or call 028 9033 2546