Meet Aileen

Meet Aileen


My perfect restaurant

Perfect restaurant would have to be Made in Belfast beside City Hall.  It’s always a warm and friendly place to go and the staff are big part of that. 

My perfect CD
I have a record player and collect records so I hope I can swap the cd for a record! My favourite record is Janis Joplin, Pearl which a friend of mine got me for my birthday.  Fleetwood Mac, Rumours is one of the best ‘getting ready’ albums. But as an all-rounder I will give my final answer to be Blur Park Life.  It’s got it all from dance to sleep tunes.  I loved in '94 and I still love it now. 

My Perfect Movie

I would have to say Beaches! It is totally brilliant and gets the old heart strings going every time.  Early Bette Midler with a few show tunes is a great way to spend an afternoon. 

My Perfect Night Out

Staying in is the new going out for me. I love getting myself dolled up and then sitting down with load of friends and having a drink and a dance in the comfort of my own living room. (Or someone else's)  

My Perfect Outfit

I am a big fan of the black skirt, tights and boots combo.  I love winter so you can get all the cosy jumpers and boots on.  We are in winter for most of the year her so that works out well for me!


My perfect holiday would be India. We went there two years ago for friend’s wedding and we had a ball.  The culture, people, food and sunshine was a great recipe for an amazing holiday.  We experienced a lot and laughed till we cried. We were in Goa and it’s definitely a must see place you won't be disappointed!


This is an easy one for me...Indian head massage by Fiona at The Beauty Company. My shoulders are tension collectors and she just sends them all packing.  It’s relaxing but also gets the job done.  I leave feeling lighter, more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Weekend break

I have been for many a weekend break up to Cushendall on the Antrim coast.  My folks have a house there and it’s a great spot.  It’s an hour’s drive away from Belfast but you feel like your much further it’s all so relaxed, the pace of life really slows down.  I love the local bar Jonny Joe's where you can relax and listen to music or sit in a corner and chat and then walk home.  It’s great to go up for quiet nights or with a group of friends.


I would have to say my engagement ring which is a cognac diamond I got made from Lunns which is a real beauty. Another piece that I love is a ring that I got made out of my grannies old spoon!  Sounds really weird but its chunky and funky and I love it.


I will have to go with David Bowie on this one.  He is an absolute icon, a great singer and he's gorgeous!  He tries not to be a celebrity but that only makes the appeal stronger.  He has his album out now as well so maybe he will read this and contact me!