What is Logan Fertility Method

What is Logan Fertility Method


Our protocols don't just include Logan Maya Abdominal Massage but Reflexology, Acupressure ( think Accupuncture with no needles) Indian Head Massage, Bioenergetics, NLP, CBT and Mindfullness. 

All these therapies are applied in individual and specific protocols to work with every clients specific needs. 

We cater for natural conception protocols whereby perhaps Endrometrosis or PCOS is the issue, or whereby sometimes it's unexplained. 

Our IVF protocols use the same therapies but combined in a different way to accommodate the use of certain drugs. This is suitable for women with low AMH, Hyperstimulation issues, Fallopian Tube issues or Adhesions.

We also treat women who's partner has male infertility issues and were ICSI or EMSI may be used.

A very special interest of mine is Autoimmune which we now run a first trimester clinic for women who have perhaps suffered miscarriage in the past or perhaps feel nervous about an IVF pregnancy. Also a great clinic for women contemplating an IVF procedure with the use of Autoimmune drugs. 

I hope this puts your mind at ease and helps you to understand the protocols we offer when you read about when you read about Logan Maya Abdominal Massage at The Beauty Company.


Ruth Ellen X