Ruth Ellen's Story

Ruth Ellen's Story


Holistic therapist Ruth Ellen Logan (31), who owns The Beauty Company in Belfast, lost three babies before undergoing 
two courses of IVF and one FET to have daughter Aiyana, now 2 years old and Tommy now nearly 3 months old. Ruth is married to David (34) she says:

I first fell pregnant in early June 2008 when I was 27 to an ectopic pregnancy and I lost the baby which was very traumatic.
I was healthy and decided to try again and got pregnant very quickly.

This time the tube expelled the pregnancy after five or six weeks. I was just so shocked. It doesn’t cross your mind you
are going to lose your baby and you don’t think it will be your own body causing you to lose it.

I tried again and the exact same thing happened only it was much more sinister. My right fallopian tube had ruptured
and I was rushed into hospital and had one and a half litres of blood removed from my abdomen.

I lost one fallopian tube and was told the other one was badly damaged and that my chances of conceiving successfully
were very slim.

I had had my appendix removed when I was nine and apparently during that operation my reproductive system had
been damaged.

It was just awful to hear that, especially at 27. Once you become pregnant you are a mother and when you lose a child
you are a mother without children, it’s an ache that never goes away. You long for those babies so much and nothing
in your life seems right, it is constantly on your mind.

I’m the type of person whose cup is always half-full and I still believed a miracle could happen. It was very frustrating to
know that my reproductive system was damaged.

I did go through the emotions but then I let it go and decided I wasn’t going to indulge in self-pity. I knew deep down
that I was going to be a mother.

I then discovered Maya Massage I had lost three babies and now my only chance was IVF and I thought, ‘how do I mend
this trauma and get rid of the debris I’m carrying?’ I Googled and read about Maya and its benefits for the reproductive

As far as I was concerned mine didn’t work and I needed to do something to reconnect it. I had owned my own business
and been a masseuse for six years and had an understanding of women and holistic therapies.

I couldn’t find a practitioner in Ireland so I went to London and was so impressed by it that I travelled to America to
train as a practitioner.

It really helped me get through IVF and deal with the stress and strain.

You have a real loss of self-belief and feel really controlled by your reproductive system and the fact that it didn’t work.
This massage technique helped me rebuild that again.

I had my first course of IVF in October 2009 which failed. Maya helped me to understand my body and what I needed to do
to stimulate the ovaries.

I got pregnant again in February 2010 and Aiyana was born in January of last year. She is just amazing, perfectly healthy
and because of what we went through, she is just everything to us.

Even though my body let me down I am totally at ease with it. I believe I was chosen and given that pain and burden so
that I could use this massage to help other people.

I think I was meant to bring this wonderful therapy to Northern Ireland and in four years I have had 401 babies born.
The fulfilment I get from that is amazing.