Do this, not that

Do this, not that


Use regular, not antibacterial, soap.  It gets rid of just as many germs, and some scientists argue that using too many antibacterial cleansers may tamper with the effectiveness of some antibiotics.

Toss salads with cos, not iceberg.  It may not provide the same satisfying crunch, but the darker leafy green has twice the fibre, B vitamins, calcium and potassium and seven times the vitamins A and C of iceberg.

Drink coffee, tea, and red wine between meals, not during them. These beverages all contain tannins, which compromise your body’s ability to absorb iron from food.

If you are going to make a healthy purchase this week, we recommend that you look no further than the following items:

A cast iron pan

Get this: the metal seeps out of the pan and into your food, increasing its iron content many times over.

A new pair of trainers

The right fit can help correct for anatomical flaws like flat arches or overpronation and fend off overuse injuries.


A recent report shows that rates of gonorrhea (which can cause pelvic inflammatory disease) and chlamydia (which can damage fertility) are up – and that means use of protection is sorely down