Diet Tips

Diet and Portion Control



These pointers will create health from the inside out. By adhering to these few tips you are helping to bring harmony to your mind, body and soul. This will in turn, will be evident on your skins surface. 

The stress and worries of daily life can result in the skin becoming blemished or red. if you make a habit of eating the wrong types of food, no matter how tasty they are, the results will be evident externally.

One of our favourite books at the beauty company is "Clear skin" by Karen jesset. This book provides information on everything you need to achieve clear skin from the inside out, including foods to help prevent acne, foods to avoid, probiotics and prebiotics and the acid/alkaline balance. It also lists over eighty delicious clear skin recipes. See the recipe below for a clear skin juice. There's no better way to start the day.


And here's a sample recipe.....

Sample recipe

carrot, apple and ginger juice


8 carrots, washed but unpeeled

6 apples, washed but unpeeled

1 inch fresh ginger, peeled


Chop the carrots and apples into small enough pieces to fit your juicer. Put the chunks of carrot and apple through your juicer, and then juice the ginger. Pour into glasses carefully making sure the froth stays behind. 

Read karens story by following the link below.

A quarter of your plate should be filled with protein, a quarter carbohydrates and half vegetables. This will help you to consume nutritional balance and keep potions under control. 


Drinking a glass of water between courses helps fill up your stomach so it will be easier to skip that extra slice of cake and helps digestion. 


After eating a big meal most people want to sleep.  Avoid hitting that sluggish feeling by going for a walk, this will help your body burn some of those carbs. 

Just a small amount of exercise can give you a gorgeous glow that a blusher could never achieve. It will get your heart pumping and your blood circulating faster around the body.

Very gentle exercise is all thats needed, perhaps some yoga or a brisk walk in the countryside. 

Yoga can be very beneficial in the first few months of pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga can even help reduce the effects of morning sickness. 

Yoga is defined as the gentle stretching of your muscles and ligaments. Blood flow is maximised within the body enabling it to flush toxins, provide nourishment thus increasing energy levels.

By stretching and using the muscles to hold these positions, Yoga helps to tone the body whilst providing correct posture and keeps your body toned and firm.

taken from article using to Improve Your Health and Well Being 

By Douglas Alp

Here are some fantastic yoga moves

follow moves with pictures to guide you on this easy to follow website  


Try to get 8 hours sleep each night, if this is impossible take a nap at some stage in the day or evening to get enough.